What is a throat hit and how can it help me quit?

We look at what a throat hit is, how the cartomizer in an ecig influences the throat hit, plus why it’s going to help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes for good.

What is a throat hit?
Smokers will know that feeling you get at the back of the throat when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. It’s felt at the back of the throat and lungs when inhaling smoke, and is a big part of the overall experience for smokers.

Why will it help you stick with E-Cigs and quit smoking?
It’s been discovered that smokers prefer smoking to other forms of nicotine administration (e.g. patch, gum, nasal spray) and report enjoying the hand-mouth activity, taste, smell and sensation of smoke in the respiratory tract (Parrott & Craig, 1995) – meaning you’re more likely to stick with quitting.

Since the throat hit is a main component of smoking, if you get it through your E-Cig then you’re more likely to stick with that as you won’t crave it from tobacco cigarettes – helping you quit that habit for good.

How to get a throat hit
The level of throat hit you’ll need will depend on how heavily you smoke. If you are a very heavy smoker, you’ll need a stronger throat hit to curb those cravings. If you’re a lighter smoker then you won’t need so much to satisfy your habit.

Basically just like regular smoking, it’s about taking drags. The more you drag, the thicker the vapour will be, and the stronger the throat hit will be – simple!

Most E-Cig smokers who have made the transition report that a few strong yet quick drags are enough to satisfy them, but if you want a stronger hit then a drag lasting around 5 seconds is all it will take to get you there.

Two quick tips to improve your throat hit
If you’re not satisfied with the level of throat hit you’re getting with your E-Cig, there are two main changes you can make to boost it.

Adjust the level of nicotine. A higher level of nicotine in your chosen e-liquid cigarette will give you a higher level of throat hit, so pay attention to the e-liquids you’re picking up. That’s where our high-strength cartomizers come in – and can give you that extra throat hit you need.

Forget about your 5 a day. Your throat hit may also benefit from a switch in flavour. If you usually reach for something fruity you may well find that not to be enough as fruity flavours tend to be milder. Instead try switching to something more tobacco based in flavour – like the  ecigarettes at electronic cigarette shop.