No! Honestly. Or Death by deception

Well it seems the Welsh government in their infinite control freakery want to make it illegal to smoke a traditional cigarette in your own car when little children are within.

( Well nothing like adding little children to the equation to get the unthinking preliterate on side. But let’s examine what is actually going on here. Oh it is relevant dear vapers. You can be sure that by observing what goes on in the anti smoking world you will learn what is next in store for you. Ok let’s not beat about the bush. Traditional smoking is a killer. If you partake, in time it will kill you.

The idea however that it will kill all and sundry whom are around you has been long and successfully refuted as a simple and dastardly scam. Although it seems people are still ready to be fixated on it as if it were actually the truth. Oh you can just believe me if you like. Passive smoking has no effect that has been in any way measurable. (Ref one of many hundreds Alternatively do a little homework and the truth will soon filter through. Try of course in that process to avoid the ramblings of the vested interest.

Interestingly the whole concept of “that shalt not smoke in your enclosed little car when accompanied by ikkle children and small furry and cute animals” is a bit of an odd one. Oh yes we have already established that passive smoking is a pile of nonsense, but please don’t insult us with the notion that a car is a dreadfully enclosed space. In fact a modern car is probably the best ventilated space you are ever likely to spend any significant time in.

So please politicians do us a favour and, as they say in Wales, Do one!
Meanwhile do yourselves a favour, or even two favours. One. Give up the weed and get vaping with an electronic cigarette, because the weed will kill you, even though your nearest and dearest will survive. Two. Don’t listen to anyone who is trying to get your vote.

Happy vaping


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