Social attitudes to vaping

There’s nowt so strange as folk, and that is very true where attitudes to vaping are concerned. They are wide ranging and sometimes very un-informed

The attitude shown by smokers , ex-smokers and never smoked tends to differ a great deal.

Smokers tend to split into 3 categories:
The Interested with things like “Wow is that one of those e cigs, how long have you been on that. Are they really as good as a cigarette, do they really work.
The Tried it once , didn’t like it; “Oh had one of those, battery died after a few hours so I went back to the weed.”

The Scared. “Oh I wouldn’t try that, they haven’t been properly tested and apparently Siberien Hamsters get nightmares when exposed to the vapour for more than 3 years. If they were any good at all the wonderful altruistic pharma companies would be trying to make me buy it.”

Ex Smokers
The Proud “Oh I gave up without that it was easy. I just stuck life threatening patches all over my body, suffered headaches and didn’t sleep for two years. Ruined my teeth with sugar coated nicotine impregnated gum. I became moody and aggressive and my partner left me. But I am through it and out the other end, well nearly, I have put on 10 stone and to be frank struggling to get through the opening at the other end. But you don’t need that daft e cig thing I never needed it. Just give up like me. “

The Pedantic “Oh that’s no good. Smoking is smoking call it what you like, you are still a nicotine addict. Now where can I get a coffee, I am desperate for one. “

The never smoked are an interesting bunch
The Social Controllers “They should be banned same as smoking you are encouraging young children and Trappist monks into bad habits. The fiber of society will be eroded around our ears. You should be ashamed of yourselves succumbing to the wicked nicotine in any form. Now where my pint. “

The Worrywarts
“Oh I don’t think that will do you any good at all. Have you asked your doctor about it. I have heard they are banned in Afghanistan and Mexico. No good can come of it, mark my words. “

By far the coolest attitude comes from other vapers the world over. They just fall into one category.

Cool and helpful ” Hey good to see you using an e cig. Great aren’t they. How long have you been vaping. I can’t believe how much better my life is. I don’t smell i feel healthy and fit. I suffered for a few weeks while i got used to it but now I wouldn’t even want a cigarette.

Good old vapers Keep vaping :-)


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