Exponential growth in e-cig usage

One day everyone will smoke this way

That is a bit of a catch title “Exponential growth in e-cig usage” In any situation where something is continuing to grow at a percentage rate on a regular basis it will always succumb to the inevitable mathematical syndrome of exponential growth. I prefer my subtitle “One day everyone will smoke this way” Not only is it true and supported by all the evidence. It is something that we have been saying at the electronic cigarette shop since the very beginning.

The growth doesn’t even need to be that high in order to reach massive levels in a very short time.

A recent article on the BBC website http://www.bbc.com/news/health-27161965 set out to make some attempt to quantify that growth. In the article they speak of a tripling of electronic cigarette usage since 2010 giving us well over 2 million users currently This would, as a continuing rate give us over 6 million users in 5 years time. If any one were to take the trouble to assess correctly the figures on an annual basis over the last five years, I would be happy to warrant the more than 80 % of that growth was actually over the last two years when we have seen the most massive uptake. We know this from being at the forefront of electronic cigarette sales in the UK. Looked at this way it would not be difficult to predict more like 10 million users in 5 years time. Well, there are only 10 million smokers in the UK at the moment. So the original prediction made by many people as much as 9 years ago when all of this began, that one day everyone will smoke this way, was not so wild as it may have seemed.

Personally I think there will always be a small hardcore of dyed in the wool smokers who will never change. They will however be very much in the minority 5 years from now. It is not surprising at all the various governments, ours included, are extremely worried about the effect this may have on revenue derived from smoking tobacco. Well that is their worry not mine. I am very pleased to see Electronic cigarette shop users continuing to rise in number and continuing to enjoy the huge health and financial benefits from using electronic cigarettes instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. Long may it continue, long may it grow. But, fellow vapers, keep an eye on people who would have you back smoking the deadly weed, even just to protect their revenue. Let’s hope they find a way of raising the money in another way, so that so many don’t die for it.


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