All our Miniciggy Ecig batteries are Guaranteed for life

Batteries have progressed so much over the last 20 years and largely we have to thank the mobile phone for this.

If it were not for the motivational forces of exponential growth in that area, coupled with the competitive need for batteries to last longer, charge quicker and be smaller and lighter, we would all be walking around carrying a lead acid car battery connected to our electronic cigarette.

So thank you Mobile Phones, we remain in your debt.

Here at miniciggy we discovered a long time ago the batteries are far from perfect. They can fail, they can decide not to take a charge, and they can decide not to hold a charge. We do all we can to make sure that ours are manufactured to the very highest standard and that the failure rate is kept to the minimum but they are still batteries. We wanted to do even more for our valued customers. Knowing as we do that nicotine is addictive and knowing that we have a responsibility to keep the flow steady, we came up with a wonderful idea. You buy a battery from us and we keep replacing it FOC forever. This way if you feel your battery is not giving you the best service, send it back and we send another FOC.

A failing battery can destroy your vaping experience. It can fail suddenly, it can fail to provide enough voltage and reduce the heat in a cartomiser thus causing a wet vapour, which is quite unpleasant.

However customers of Electronic cigarette shop benefit from the free battery replacement which has been part of Miniciggy for quite some time.

We have three battery types. Basic, Extra and Maxi.
Basic is the smallest and is useful when you want your Electronic cigarette to feel and look as much like a traditional cigarette as possible.
Extra pushes the size slightly, but gives you double the time between charges and yet still has the look, feel and shape of a traditional cigarette.
Maxi is for no compromise power. It is more the size of a small cigar and will run for two full days between charges.

The quality control in our ecig batteries is second to none. We ensure that voltage regulation and drop out is carefully controlled and that the likely hood of overheating is kept to an absolute minimum. We use a cautious low charging system. Never attempt to connect our batteries to charger other than those we supply. Our charge rate is a little slower than others and this is what keeps our batteries safe and giving you great service.

Remember. Buy a battery from Miniciggy electronic cigarette shop and you will never need to buy another.


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