Do ecigarettes have side effects?

This is a question that comes up from time to time on line. Strange question in some ways, because it is normally something you may ask about a medicine and the E Cigarette is not a medicine.

So to answer the question let’s make sure we define the parameters so that we actually know what we are talking about.

I guess for the purposes of this essay we can regard a side effect as ” an effect derived from the use of a product, other than and supplementary to the original desired effect ”

So in order to separate effect from side effect we need to look for the effect we do want from a electronic cigarette

You might think that would be easy. But what is the effect we desire from an e cigarette and do we all desire the same effect?
Whatever we choose to tell ourselves, and we humans are very good at telling ourselves all kinds of things, we are using an e cigarette because we are addicted to nicotine. So one of the main desired and required effects is the appeasement of our need for nicotine, and the appeasement of that desire at the right rate and in the right quantity.

Sounds simple enough but what if you were not fortunate enough to be buying your e cigarettes and cartomizer refillsfrom Electronic cigarettes shop?

What if the rate of appeasement of your nicotine addiction was being addressed in the wrong way, maybe the side effect would be one very bad tempered and irritable person! What if you had chosen to use one of those crazy refillable ecigarettes where you actually have to pour in a quantity of e liquid from a small bottle. Well the chances are you would get quite a lot of it on your hands. Then the side effect would be nicotine overdose, something which even at a low level can cause considerable nausea and ill feeling. But all of this is side effects from choosing the wrong e cigarette. If you’re reading this then it is likely that you have chosen an e cigarette from the Electronic Cigarette Shop. What you want to know is, what are the side effects you are likely to experience from the E cigarette you are using?

Ok so let’s look at what we have here:

1. No heavy metal parts exposed to the user. Not so with cheap alternatives
2. No risk of pouring e liquid on to the skin to be absorbed
3. No risk of over dose from the measured quantity and regulated flow with our perfectly designed cartomiser
4. No risk of Allergic reaction from the 100 % inert Propylene Glycol used as a carrier for the nicotine in our contamination free cartomisers.
5. No contamination from our cleanly produced and sealed product

So it is looking like no side effects from e cigarettes supplied to you from electronic cigarette shop.

As for the other random supplier who may ply your business from their market stall or corner shop

Here are the possibilities:

1. Poisoning from heavy metal parts in contact with consumables
2. Potential allergic reaction from cheap and contaminated organic PG
3. Nicotine overdose from contact with liquid through the skin
4. Poisoning from consuming liquid orally due to a failing atomiser
5. Contamination from a product which has been assembled in a random sweatshop in filthy conditions by operatives with poor hygiene on the banks of the Yanksee river.

Of course if you continue to use Electronic cigarette shop products none of the above side effects will ever bother you, but of course, you already know this :-)


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