Where to buy Electronic cigarettes online

More importantly. Why buy Electronic Cigarettes on Line??? This is where it becomes very interesting indeed.

What we have here is a unique situation. Normally when asking the question, Buy on-line or in a shop? The answers are fairly simple. Many on-line sellers offer an amazing service and great value for money goods. Weigh this up against a local face to face supplier with whom you can build a great trust relationship and you could easily fall in favour of buying in a shop. Look at the overheads and costs of a high street shop and realise that you the customer have to pay for all of that, and then you may start to favour online shopping again. These are some of the normal arguments and rationale, which of course apply also to electronic cigarettes. However where Electronic cigarettes are concerned there are some unique factors which you need to consider when deciding. These factors, as far as I know, only affect electronic cigarettes and are unique to the Electronic cigarette market.

Buy e cigarettes online in the UK
To understand this properly we need to go back to the early days of electronic cigarettes. About 8 years ago, some pioneer companies like Electronic cigarette shop and Miniciggy started to produce and sell electronic cigarettes in the UK. In such a commercial venture, just putting a live website on line would be about as useful as hiding an advertising board under the welcome mat at your semi in Finchley. In other words, no-one will see you. So the obvious way forward, other than wait a few years until natural Google searches get up to speed, was to use Google adwords. These companies used this to great effect. As a consequence they are now very long established and well known brands. This is great for the customer, because the economy of scale has enabled them to conduct a great deal of research and thus refine their products to make them safer and much more user friendly and reliable.
At that time there were virtually no local face to face shops selling electronic cigarettes. During those early days of massive growth, many very small (Chancers) factories were set up offering cheap and low quality imitations of the famous Miniciggy products. These were sold from China to the many small online companies who were breaking into what they saw as an opportunistic market. A couple of years later Google banned all online advertising of Electronic cigarettes. That ban has held until this day. We won’t go into the complex economic and political reasons for that ban here. Suffice to say that it has had a huge and unique effect on the market.

Subsequent to the ban, there are many small and struggling manufacturers offering cheap and very poor quality products. Opportunists who wish to break into the market are unable to establish themselves on line, as there is no advertising media to facilitate that. So instead these operators have been starting small face to face shops. The major established online producer/ sellers will of course not supply these traders. They are therefore obliged to buy from the smaller and less established Chinese copiers.

E cigarette shop online
So in a nutshell. Do your E cigarette shopping online, not in the high street. The only way you can be sure you are buying your products from well established and trustworthy suppliers is to buy on-line. The small High Street face to face supplier simply cannot offer you the same quality of product, whatever he may tell you. Make sure you buy e cigarettes online UK has some great sites to help you. For the added bonus online companies like Electronic Cigarette shop will also offer you a fast, reliable and friendly service that you can count on.

Five things to look for in an online Electronic cigarette shop
1. How long have they been around? Try to make sure that your supplier has a track record.
2. Are they in fact a UK company? Check for a UK address, many sellers pose as ULK based but are not.
3. Can you speak with them over them phone? This is very important and assures you they have a potentially good after sales service.
4. Does their website have proper security? This is essential to all online activity
5. Do they offer a no quibble guarantee on all their products?



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