The danger of e cig refillables and e liquid when not used in the right way

We want to satisfy our customers, not kill their children

Many people have asked us here at The Electronic cigarette shop. Will you ever sell e cig refillables and e liquid?

The answer is very clearly never and that means emphatically never ever. We would happily exit this industry before we did that.

The recent tragic headline goes a long way to explaining why:

E liquid is very safe, so long as it is vaporised and then inhaled, as it is meant to be. If e liquid, containing nicotine is ingested in any other way it can be very dangerous indeed, especially to small children. In a typical traditional cigarette there is sufficient nicotine to kill a human being, if it is ingested in the wrong way.

So I am going to clarify here the reasons we do not and will not sell any e cig refillables or e liquid in the Electronic cigarettes shop.

1. We want you and your family to be safe. A small bottle of sweet smelling (and often ridiculously fruit flavoured) e liquid is not something you ever want hanging around your home. It is desperately dangerous if swallowed, particularly by a small child. Even more important, as this is even more likely, if allowed to be in contact with the skin, the nicotine is absorbed into the blood stream very rapidly. You really do not want to be pouring this stuff in to a refillable device. Even for adults this creates a potential for nicotine overdose, but for a small child, a quantity of e liquid poured onto the skin can be very dangerous. At best it can make them very ill, at worst it could be fatal.  If you have the liquid on your hands and rub your eyes or ears it can cause serious long term irritation and even damage.

2. E Cig refillables are a very unsatisfactory product.
Some time ago we discovered that no kind of refill can give a consistent experience unless a new atomiser is provided in every case. E Cig refillables take us back to the days when we experience a poor result and are never sure if it is as a result of a failing atomiser, weak battery or low liquid level. We removed ourselves from this inconsistency when we designed cartomizer refills. Each time you replace a cartomiser refill you have a clean and new atomiser and a measured quantity of fresh e liquid, giving you the same high quality and consistent experience every time. With our sealed cartomiser the only contact you will have with e liquid is when you safely inhale it.

3. E cig refillables do not save you money.
Most of the devices are of a very poor quality, most e liquids on the market are not date stored. You will spend even more money trying to get a consistent experience and ultimately fail.

4. Only by providing the user with a consistent and clean experience with every sealed, fresh, cartomiser, can we reduce the likelihood of the user resorting to the extreme danger of traditional cigarettes.

So there it is.
I think I have made it very clear. Electronic cigarette shop will never sell refillable devices. We value our customers and their families too highly. We want that you never return to traditional cigarettes and the best way to reduce that possibility is to give you a clean, consistent and contamination free experience every time you attach one of our cartomiser refills. We want to make our customers lives safer and longer, not shorter and more dangerous.

Keep vaping safely friends.


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