Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main reasons people choose to use

Have a read of our reviews and this will give you an idea of why people choose and stick with Miniciggy.
People do not want a complicated device, they want safe, clean and easy to use with no messing about with atomisers, bottles of leaky liquid and completely unnecessary accessories and mods
Miniciggy keeps it simple, makes it very effective, provides the best electronic cigarette product on the market and backs it up with a no quibble Lifetime Guarantee on Batteries & Chargers and a customer service which is quite simply second to none

What is the nicotine content of your refills?

There are only 4 Ingredients to Miniciggy Cartomisers, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Tobacco Flavouring and Nicotine

Miniciggy Nicotine Content Levels :
Extra High 1.8%
High – 1.8%
Medium – 1.1%
Low – 0.6%
Menthol – 1.6%

When will you send my order?

When will you send my Order?
Orders Received Monday to Friday before 2pm are sent the same day by 1st class mail
Orders Received Monday to Thursday after 2pm are sent the Next Day by 1st class mail
Orders Received after 2pm on a Friday or over the weekend are sent the following Monday by first class mail
Orders of £140 or more are sent by Special Delivery Tracked & Signed Guaranteed Next Day Delivery

When should I receive my order?

95% of all orders are received the next day.  On some very rare occasions this can sometimes take a day or two longer.  If any order has not been received after 3 working days then we ask you to please call on 0800 0196 445
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I alter my address for delivery?

Yes. In the checkout process you can add a different address.
OR simply call or email and we will amend the delivery address for you
Tel : 0800 0196 445
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes, we offer our unique Miniciggy Lifetime Guarantee on our Batteries and Chargers for all customers using Miniciggy Cartomisers.  This means we will replace any depleted or faulty batteries or chargers free of charge for as long as you are using Miniciggy Cartomisers. 
Any tampering with cartomisers will invalidate our lifetime guarantee.

How can I return unwanted goods?

Contact us by email or phone and we will give details on what to do
Tel : 0800 0196 445
email :

How do I order?

You can order online at, simply add what you want to the basket and checkout.
We understand not everyone is a fan of ordering online so you can also place an order by Telephone using our Freephone order line 0800 0196 445.  If you are new to Miniciggy then if you call our helpful staff will answer any questions or queries you may have.  We are always happy to help

What is in your Refills?

Water Nicotine and Propylene Glycol are contained in our cartomisers

A refill/cartomiser will last how long?

Consumption of cartomisers will of course vary from user to user.  It will depend on frequency of use and depth of intake.  However, with our 11 years of data we can say that the average user will use around 1 cartomiser per day and a heavy user will use around 1 to 2 a day

How do I get hold of you ?

By email or telephone. We are happy to respond very quickly to your needs

Is the Miniciggy Electronic cigarette a safe product?

Miniciggy products are 100% safe.  In our 11 years we have not had one single safety incident.  This is not down to luck, this is down to the quality of our products designed and built with safety put front and centre.  Miniciggy Batteries contain safety chips which prevent over charging and over heating.  Our batteries are the safest on the market.  All of our cartomisers are TPD compliant, they are triple sealed for safety and freshness.  Unlike many self filling and other inferior products our cartomisers will never leak.  11 years of knowledge and experience has gone into the design of our products.  They are simply the safest and the best

Can I use your products with products from other suppliers?

No is the quick answer to that one.  Our products are unique in design so we could make them the best possible.  Because we cannot guarantee the quality and safety of any other manufacturers we do not permit the use of Miniciggy products in conjunction with any other manufacturer.  Doing so will invalidate the Lifetime Guarantee

How do I submit a review?

Either email your review directly to or on the website click reviews, then click Submit Reviews

What is your location?

We have a UK warehouse for fast distribution

Can I purchase from outside the UK?

Yes. Send us an email or call us 0800 0196445 for postage rate


Will the electronic cigarette be better for my health?

We're not Doctors. Public Health England reports that they are at least 95% better for you than smoking tobacco. (Public health England is full of Doctors)

Is there any age restriction ?

Yes, you should be over 18 to buy our products

How will I know when to charge the battery?

You will get a feel as to when you feel the battery has weakened but the light at the end of the battery will flash upon taking an inhale to indicate it is time to re-charge the battery

Change for a charged battery as often as you can, there's no need to wait for the battery to run out before changing. Regular top ups are much better.

What is the proceedure for charging batteries?

To charge using the mains plug and USB Lead you must first attach the battery to the USB Lead and then with the battery attached slot the USB Lead into the Mains Plug.  The light on the USB Lead will be red when it is charging.  This light will turn to blue once the battery is fully charged.

To charge using the Miniciggy Portable Charging Case.  Simply push your battery into the second slot from the right.  The end of the battery will glow red to indicate the battery is receiving charge.  This light will go out once the battery is fully charged. 
There is also a red light at the base of the case which will glow when a battery is charging and stop glowing once the battery is charged

How is a charged battery indicated?

The red light on the charger will become blue

How do I get your help?

Simply call us 0800 0196445 or email

Why do people choose our products?

This is simple. We are the best. Smoking was simple, Miniciggy believes that Simplicity and convenience is key to becoming a full time user.


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