Why Choose Our E cigarette starter kit?

Well the answer to that is simple, and simplicity is the clue.

We at Electronic cigarette shop have a firm and simple philosophy where the E cig is concerned.

Here is some of our thinking:

What is the main raison d’être of the electronic cigarette?

We think it is to provide nicotine to the addicted in a manner which satisfies their addiction in the safest possible way.
That is a fairly simple function
We believe that the more complicated and corrupt the product becomes the less likely it is to perform its primary function.

I don't remember seeing cherry or apple flavoured Benson and Hedges or Marlboro Cigarettes. So why do we need this in an e cigarette. Quite aside from the fact that using childish fruit flavours in Nicotine or alcohol is very likely to encourage use by those too young.
The whole flavour thing has become quite ridiculous. On a recent trip to China a competitor informed me he was working on Prawn Cocktail and pate de Fois Gras flavours for next year. I suggested he would be better off making Potato crisps!
The other thing we don't do and will not do is refillables.

Why? Once again simple
Each measured amount of e-liquid, delivered by a fresh and new atomiser is the only way to provide a consistent experience. The addicted brain requires consistency, if it doesn't get it, it will direct you back to traditional cigarettes.

Our starter kit provides you with a way of replacing your traditional cigarette which is:

Clean, consistent and fresh. It will be exactly the same every time you use it. Once you have got over the initial two weeks during which your addicted brain will try to get you back on the baccy, it will latch on to the fact that this e-cigarette is consistently providing what it needs and it will work to keep you on it. Mess about with inconsistent refillables and silly flavours and you will be smoking traditional cigarettes again in a very short time.

We believe our Electronic cigarette starter kit is the best available on the market today.