Why the Miniciggy cigalike is for you

If you are considering the great benefits of the Ecig you may have tried complex and unreliable refillable devices. You may have found very quickly that these complex and somewhat unreliable devices seem to provide some of the satisfaction you gained from smoking cigarettes but didn’t really do it for you.

You may wonder why this is. Here are the key reasons you need a Miniciggy Cigalike

1. You are committed to nicotine and nicotine is what you need to give you pleasure.

2. The pleasure of nicotine works on a subconscious level, in a similar way to the caffeine in coffee. When a different delivery form is used the mind will immediately assume that it is not going to get the correct product and will automatically provide you with a resistance logic. It is this resistance logic created for you by the sub conscious mind desiring its pleasure hit which will turn you back to traditional cigarettes.

3. To overcome this the replacement nicotine delivery system must mimic as many aspects of the original cigarette as possible, by doing this it will lessen the tendency for the mind to create a resistance strategy over which you would have little resistance.

4. The Miniciggy has been designed and refined by committed smokers. Over its long history it has become more effective. One of the key factors in its ability to keep you off traditional cigarettes is its consistency. Every time you screw in a cartomiser with its measured quantity of liquid and new atomiser each time, it reinforces the mind that this is where nicotine based pleasure comes from, reliably and surely every time. It does this by providing exactly the same flavour, quantitate and qualitative ratios, air vapour mix etc, every time. A refillable device will never do this! This is essential. 
You may have noticed as a smoker that your cigarette is the same every time. You may have noticed that if you even try another brand, you will long for your old brand. This is because the mind needs consistency. It feels insecure without it.

5. The Miniciggy looks and feels like a cigarette. Visual and tactile cues are another part of the equation. Your sub conscious mind pays more attention to them than you may realise.

Don’t ruin your chance of quitting the weed! Go for the Miniciggy. It is designed to keep you off the cigarettes and it will. A refillable device will have you smoking cigarettes again within weeks


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