How Does Miniciggy Work?

The E-cig is basically a very simple device, like most things the devil is in the detail and getting everything right to produce quality e-cigarettes is not so simple.

Let’s start by looking in simple terms at what goes on in an e-cig

The basic function is to vaporise liquid containing nicotine so that the vapour can be inhaled thus providing a nicotine hit, in the way which smoking a cigarette would provide.

So we need a power source. The power is provided by a battery which is the white part of the E-cig. Next we need something to take power from the battery to heat up the liquid and turn it into vapour. Then we need a way of supplying a measured quantity of liquid to the heating element.

In a Miniciggy E cigarette the basic principles above have been refined into a sophisticated and technologically advanced device.

The battery which it must be said has a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is a high capacity lithium ion cell. There is inside the battery housing some circuitry to enable correct charging and prevent over charging. There is an LED light at the end, to show when functioning. There is an electronic flow switch which senses when the user draws on the e-cig and power is needed for the Cartomiser.

The cartomiser, the part which screws on to the Miniciggy battery is a highly sophisticated product refined over many years. It contains the Nicotine solution (e- liquid) in a measured amount and strength.
When the battery is activated by the flow switch, upon sensing that the user has drawn on the electronic cigarette the small heating element in the cartomiser will heat the liquid to a precise temperature and this will produce a nicotine impregnated vapour, which the user will inhale.
As soon as the user stops drawing the flow switch will stop the power to the Cartomiser and the device will remain in stand by for the next inhalation.

This whole process has come to be known, over the last few years, as Vaping. The word being derived from the process of turning E- liquid into vapour.

Of course as I already said, the devil is in the detail. If all of the components which go together to make the E cigarette work, were simply thrown together in the simplest way, the user would not have a consistent experience every time it was used. In practise the user would very soon return to traditional smoking. This is what happens so often with the cheaply made and very haphazardly produced refillable devices we see saturating the market, and being sold by unscrupulous suppliers with no experience and little care.

It is very important that the parts are clean and un-contaminated. It is important that they are produced from the finest materials and in a way which precludes the possibility of heavy metal contamination to the user.
It is important that the liquid is produced and administered to the cartomiser in a clinical environment. It is important that the E liquid itself is formulated from the safest ingredients. It is important that a new heating device is provided with each full measure of liquid, in order to provide a consistent experience.

Trust Miniciggy to ensure that all of this is provided. We have been providing the best E cigarettes for longer than anyone else which is why we are THE place to buy your electronic cigarette