Miniciggy Batteries

We have developed our batteries over 15 years and they are the best and most reliable electronic cigarette batteries available.  15 years of knowledge, customer feedback and experience has gone into them.  They may look simple enough but they have been perfectly designed for the job.

Each of our batteries work in conjunction only with Miniciggy Chargers and Miniciggy Cartomisers.  The contact points of our batteries have been designed with a small spring beneath the contact points.  This is a small but mighty development that makes our batteries the most reliable and consistent available.  With a perfect balance of airflow these simulate the sensation of smoking perfectly

All Miniciggy Batteries are covered by our Unique Miniciggy Lifetime Replacement Policy.  Batteries are rechargeable but of course no battery will last forever so once your battery is depleted simply email for a free exchange of old to new and we will advise of the quick and easy replacement process

We have 3 different batteries in our range :

Standard Miniciggy Battery

This battery is also available in beautiful Matt Pink
Our Standard Battery has a fantastic 280mah capacity meaning it will give around 6 to 8 hours of continuous use before needing a recharge
The white version has a blue glowing tip and the pink version has a pink glowing crystal tip.  Both are very popular batteries.  The white version is one of the 2 included with our Miniciggy Starter Kits

Miniciggy "EXTRA" Battery

Essentially looks the same as the Standard Battery.  However, this is 9mm longer which means we were able to increase capacity to 350mah so it's longer lasting than it's slightly smaller brother.  This battery gives 8 to 10 hours of continuous use before needing a recharge
Available only in white and has a blue glowing tip.  This is our most popular battery and is one of the 2 batteries included with our Miniciggy Starter Kits

Miniciggy MAXI Battery

Our highest capacity and longest lasting battery.  With a capacity of 950mah our MAXI Battery will give you approximately 48 hours of use before needing a recharge
This battery is an attractive silver and has a blue glowing crystal tip