Miniciggy Slim Portable Charging Case Kit Ultra Discreet

Miniciggy Slim Portable Charging Case Kit Ultra Discreet

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NEW Miniciggy Slim Portable Charging Case Kit

Everything you need to start using Miniciggy. Super slim, super discreet.

Box Includes :

1 x Miniciggy Charging Case, 1100mah
2 x Miniciggy 180mah Batteries with Red LED
1 x Charging Lead for Case
5 x Choice of Cartomisers

Our best product since we brought you the Miniciggy Electronic Cigarette

This case is all you need for vaping with Miniciggy. The case provides up to 3 days worth of charging so you will never be without a charged battery.

You use one and you swap it over as and when you please. Battery will charge in the case and be ready when you need to swap.

Aswell as charging your batteries on the go the case will also house 3 cartomisers and a spare battery with room for a cartomiser attached

The case is superbly designed, very slim, compact and elegant and will fit easily into any pocket or bag.

The Miniciggy Case renders size and capacity of batteries irrelevant as it constantly provides you with a charged battery.

Vaping has never been easier. A superb product, you will not be disappointed