Miniciggy Cartomisers

Cartomisers have always been the best way

When the e cig was first becoming popular there was a short period where it's popularity overcame the available technology. The very first E cigs were a three part combination. The battery unit, to provide power and switching, the refill, then the atomizer. This was the part which tuned the e-liquid into vapour. Then there was the Cartridge containing the e liquid and drip feeding it very unscientifically into the atomizer. It kind of worked a bit. Very little liquid was in the cartridges as the system for holding the liquid was basically a piece of foam.

The First 3 part e-cigs

Using an e cig in those days was a very hit and miss affair. The user was never quite sure why his ecig was functioning poorly. Liquid, not vaporised would easily enter the mouth of the user, the user could never be sure if this was because the battery had become weak, or the atomiser was failing.

This all changed when we developed the Cartomiser. The cartomiser is a very sophisticated combination of Atomiser and refill. The whole process of using an E cig becomes much more reliable and predictable since their introduction.

These days a cartomiser will last a heavy user a full day at least. Each time the user changes his cartomiser, they are getting new fresh liquid and a brand new fresh atomizer every time. This has massively improved the experience of using an electronic cigarette.

We offer several different cartomizer refills. All of our cartomisers have been developed by us to the highest possible standards. Our manufacturing process and strict quality control ensures that when you buy cartomisers online from us, you are getting the cleanest and most consistent available.

Extra High Cartomisers

This is a completely new type of Cartomiser. It is slightly higher strength than our normal High strength. It contains more e liquid. It also has a much more sophisticated liquid delivery system. We believe this is the most advanced and reliable Cartomiser on the market and we are very proud to say it is available only from us.

This extra high cartomiser refill, on one of our lifetime Guarantee batteries is not only the best E Cig experience available. It is also more economical in use than any messy and unreliable hybrid refillable devices.

High Cartomiser

These are recommended for starters. Our High strength cartomiser is the best possible emulation of traditional smoking.  Strong enough to keep you away from smoking, long lasting and a subtle smooth tobacco flavour

Medium Cartomiser

These are a progressive reduction for those who wish to reduce their use of nicotine.  A smooth tobacco flavour with a strength perfectly placed between High and Low, the perfect middle ground.  Perfect for those who have already transitioned onto e-cigarettes but for new users we recommend the higher strengths

Low Cartomiser

These are the final step towards no Nicotine.  These are very low in strength and ideal for those who enjoy vaping and want to keep that social side of it whilst taking in minimal nicotine.  The Silk Cut of Cartomisers

Menthol Cartomiser

These are a similar strength as our High but with a natural minty menthol flavour. This is the only flavour we provide, as it has always been a flavour associated with traditional cigarettes.  Replicates a Menthol Cigarette perfectly